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Stop Blaming Those Who Do | Note 136

Why criticize someone else for your failure to take action?

People blaming other people for everything, including their shortcomings, dominates the news cycle. If you don’t believe me, look no further than the Kardashians.
The Kardashians are a family of doers. Each of them has worked to build multi-million dollar businesses, but yet they face an unjustifiable amount of backlash daily. Sure, they may have made some errors in judgment, but you have made mistakes as well. It’s just that millions of people aren’t judging you for yours.
That Kardashians work hard. You may disagree, but take a moment to reflect on all the businesses they have created. Better yet, think about all the people they employ through their many businesses. They set and achieved their goals, and as a result, the Kardashians are living their best lives. They do what most of us wish we could do.
Why blame them for living the life and doing the things most of us dream about doing?

Today’s Note: Stop Blaming Those Who Do

She started her business while you are still talking about starting yours. He made a fortune off of the same idea that you had two years ago but did nothing about it. She took that trip to Paris that you’ve been dreaming about and planning for five years. He moved to New York while you are still making excuses and waiting for the perfect moment to pack up and take the jump to New York City. You get the picture, right?
While you are talking about it, someone is moving forward with their hopes, dreams, and goals. While you’re dwelling on what could be and criticizing someone else for their decisions, someone is doing everything you wish you could do.
It’s a lot easier to criticize someone who is doing all the things you dreamed of doing or blame your failure to take action on the person who is, but why?
Perhaps it’s time to stop wasting time blaming those who do and DO!



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