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Self-Improvement | Are You Really Stuck?

Self-Improvement | Are You Really Stuck? | Note 299

Are you changing in a way that brings you joy?

I may have said this before. If I have, it is worth repeating. Change is inevitable. Everything changes.

Know that feeling of being stuck is something many people seem to struggle with? I have struggled with it myself. I overcame the feeling of being stuck by realizing life is about change, and I am changing every day even when I didn’t realize it. No one actually gets dumber. We all learn something new each day. Whether you watch TV, are on social media, or read books — which is what I hope you are doing — you will learn and change daily.

The big question to ask yourself is if you are changing in a way that brings you joy. 

Beating yourself up is a waste of time if you feel stuck because you aren’t stuck. It’s just a matter of making better choices that produce the outcomes that make you rise above self-doubt.

I created a guide for anyone who feels stuck. The link to my three little-known steps to get unstuck is in the podcast description, or you can visit my website After you check them out, I want you to revisit the question, are you really stuck?



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