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Avoid Routine

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Are you surprised?

I decided to shake things up this week on the Sincerely HER Podcast. I tried something different.
I changed the order I usually present my bite-sized motivational notes. I provided lengthy motivational notes this week. I did affirmations on Monday instead of Friday. I provide a book excerpt on Wednesday instead of my usual quote. 

After talking about Derek Sivers yesterday, I started digging around. I came back to some of the most recent emails he sent. He doesn’t send many to his subscribers, but when he does send emails, his messages are worth reading.

Last month, he sent an email with a link to his blog entry “Why I left America.” I am sharing some wisdom from that post.

Derek writes, “To grow intellectually, you need to be surprised. If we’re not surprised, we’re not really learning. We may add new information, but not really update our understanding of the world. No “Wow!” No “Aha!”

He continues, “To keep learning and growing, we should always seek out new perspectives. Appreciate music, food, and experiences we initially dislike. Read about subjects we know nothing about. Understand people we disagree with. Take on new challenges. Avoid routine.”

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to with it up. Avoid routine.




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