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Push Through Anyway | Note 009

Are your dreams and desires on hold?


I’ve never shared this with anyone, but I figure it’s time that I open up and give you a glimpse into my day-to-day life. If you’re a new listener, please check out my first podcast episode where I talk about my life and career.


Some days, I suffer from extreme fatigue. I’m anemic, and although I take iron supplements, sometimes it’s not enough. I don’t consume sugar or caffeine, so there’s no instant energy boost for me. At times, I’m extremely sluggish. I struggle with focusing and completing tasks, but I never complain. I always complete everything I start, no matter how long it takes. I manage. I push through.


Today’s note: Push Through Anyway


People cannot achieve their goals for many reasons. The most common is a fear of success, scared of failure, or simply giving up.


It’s okay to give yourself permission to throw in the towel and give up when you know something just isn’t right. But if your goal is something you truly want, never lose sight of accomplishing what you set out to achieve.


What has helped me during my bouts of fatigue is to take consistent action even if I have to take smaller steps.


I use positive affirmations and remind myself that I will get through it.
I also visualize myself completing tasks and accomplishing my goals.
I never try to do too much at once.
I learned to push through.


If you’re having trouble finishing what you start or you find yourself procrastinating, remember you are putting your dreams and desires on hold.


Learn to shift your thoughts and see yourself at the finish line.
Take consistent action.
Stop making excuses.
Don’t give up.
And Push Through Anyway.






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