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Make Bricks Without Straw

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Resentment holds back your good.


Below are a collection of various sentences from the “Bricks Without Straw” chapter of Florence Scovel Shinn[‘s book, The Secret Door to Success.
“Working with Spiritual law they could make bricks without straw, which means to accomplish the seemingly impossible. How often in life people are confronted with this situation.”
“When we know the whatever we send out comes back, we begin to be afraid of our own boomerangs.”
“Your doubts and fears keep you in slavery; you face a situation which seems hopeless. What can you do? It is a case of making bricks without straw.”
“Maybe your King-Pin is resentment. Resentment holds back your good. The more you resent, the more you will have to resent; you grow a resentment track in your brain, and your expression will be one of habitual resentment. You will be avoided and miss the golden opportunities which await you each day.”
“So find your king-pin (you may have more than one); and your logs of success, happiness and abundance will go rushing down your river. Go therefore now and work, for there shall no straw be given you, yet ye shall make bricks without straw.”





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