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The Hard Stuff

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Why do you need to do difficult things?

Mindset coach Sean Croxton, who also is someone I call a mentor, always says, “little by little becomes a lot.” I apply this quote all the time when I struggle to get sh*t done.
Attempting to do something for the first time can be challenging.
Doing things you don’t want to do can be tough.
Tackling something that you have been procrastinating on can be difficult.
Figuring out your purpose can be uneasy.
Doing something new, like building a business, can be taxing.
Shoot, life can be hard.
But when you get the courage to decide to do it, you’ll realize you are taking a step forward. You are taking a step towards accomplishing something spectacular.
The more you do difficult things, the more you train your mind. You are practicing, and the more you do, the easier it will get until what you thought was hard becomes normal.
If you convince yourself that whatever it is you find difficult is the one thing that will have a positive change in your life, you’ll get it done.
This mindset shift will motivate you to take action — to get sh*t done. And once you get started, you’ll realize you can do the hard stuff.






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