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Personal Development | Start Living Your Dreams

Personal Development | Start Living Your Dreams | Note 297

Are you living your dream life? 

Am I living my dream? No.
Am I working on my dream? Yes.
Can I do better at achieving my goals and living my dreams? Absolutely.

Reflection can make you face some hard truths about yourself and ask some tough questions. 

Lately, I’ve forced myself to focus on coming up with a better plan to accomplish my goals, so I can start living my dream life. 

For some reason, that Tony Robbins quote about majoring in minor things has me on edge lately. On edge, in a good way, though.

Today, I want you to ask and answer four simple questions.

Are you living your dream life? 
Are you working on your dream life? 
Can you do better at achieving your goals and living your dream life? 
What is stopping you from living your dream life?

If you answered no to these questions, I am pleading with you to stop waiting and start living your dream.

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