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Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention To | Note 093

Your life can be summed up by what you spend the most time doing.


“Your attention is one of the most valuable things you possess, which is why everyone wants to steal it from you. First, you must protect it, and then you must point it in the right direction.”

The quote above is from the book “Keep Going: 10 Ways To Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad” by Austin Kleon.

If you aren’t familiar with Austin, I urge you to take the jump over to my website or click the link in this podcast description to learn about this book. He is the author of several books and has a creative way of explaining things.

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Today’s Note: Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention To


Your life can be summed up by what you spend the most time doing. By now, you know where attention goes energy flows. 

If you’re struggling each day to complete the tasks on your do-to list or you’re having a hard time reaching your goals, it’s time that you ask yourself one simple question.

How am I spending my time?

Your life consists of the things you make time for and what you give all your attention to.

If you spend all day worrying about other people’s business, consuming TV, checking all the gossip blogs, and aren’t focused on achieving your goals, expect little in return.

If you’re serious about being a better person and accomplishing your goals, it’s time to pay attention to what you pay attention to.




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