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Pay Attention | Note 129

Pursue what is meaningful.

I have a million thoughts in my mind. Most of them are positive. Most of these thoughts are notes to tell me to get it together. Pulling back the curtains on how I develop the notes I read on the podcast, my process always starts with a command to myself to do something. These are just thoughts that have popped up into my mind. The notes are not thought out, but this is the process of how I start with a command or a demand of myself, then I fully develop my short notes for the podcast.
Don’t be a product of your own drama.
Should you share your struggles with others?
Slow your life down.
Do not do things you hate.
Pursue what is meaningful.
Be careful who you share good or bad news with.
Imagine who you can be and work hard to be that person.
Compare yourself to who you were yesterday.
Be, do, act like the person you want to be.
What you don’t know is as important as what you already know.
Don’t let the fear of what can happen stop you from making things happen.
Don’t stop.
Narrow your focus to one idea and make it happen.
Pay attention.




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