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One Habit That Will Change Your World

One Habit That Will Change Your World | Personal Development | Note 446


Do you make the important decisions?

Last week, self-help author and motivational speaker Bob Proctor passed. Bob was probably best known for his contributions to the film The Secret and his best-selling book, ‘You Were Born to Be Rich.’ His words have uplifted me, at times been the mentor I needed, and forever changed my life. This week, I will do my best to honor his legacy by sharing words inspired by some of Bob’s best motivational talks.
Do you go after what you really want in life?
Do you get everything you want in life?
Did you know only 3% of people live the way they want to live?
Most people aren’t taking the trips they want to take, driving the car they want to drive, or living in the house they want to live in. Why? Because making a decision is something people never really learn. They don’t understand how to change their perception.
Do you know if you turn decision-making into a habit and change how you look at things, what you look at will change?
Most people don’t make decisions because they can’t see how they will get to their destination. People continue doing the same things because they can see how they will get there, and their life never changes. They stay stuck in the same cycle, never realizing decision is the one habit that will change your world.





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