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Network | Note 196

Are you making meaningful connections?


This week is going to be one for the books. I’m dropping bite-sized notes, sharing someone’s story, and Friday, I’m posting the 200th note of the Sincerely HER Podcast. Time has flown by. Wowzer.
Healthy relationships are essential and necessary to your happiness. Your relationships play a role in almost every aspect of your life.
A diverse network is critical to success. Humans are social creatures, but it can be hard to make genuine connections.
Networking is one of the best ways to connect and meet new people. But how to make meaningful connections and build a powerful network can be perplexing.
The next time you meet someone, instead of asking what they can do for you, take a moment and ask, “how can you add value and contribute to their success?”
You don’t have to be fake.
Build self-confidence.
Work on adding value and exchanging ideas.
Your circle influences you.



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