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Moving On

Moving On | Note 549


Are you sure which direction you should go in?

Can you believe I have one more episode before I reach 550 notes on the Sincerely HER Podcast? Of course, this doesn’t include the interviews — some that I posted and others I never got around to editing?
I’ve said this almost every episode on the Sincerely HER Podcast, but thank you!
Deciding if you are on the right path in life comes easy when everything seems to flow. In fact, when things are flowing, we tend to keep going.
But what happens when you hit road blocks, encounter obstacles, and you seem to climb a never-ending uphill battle?
Doubt and self-reflection typically steps in at this point.
That uphill battle is also where you feel resistance, and your inner sense of right and wrong may or may not align with what you’re doing.
Whether you see signs, omens, or have a gut feeling, don’t underestimate the power of your intuition.
Often we know when it’s time to let go, course correct, change paths, or do something different, but we keep going anyway.
The universe has a way of nudging you. It’s your decision what path and direction you choose.
Don’t ignore the signs, omens, or your gut feeling directing you to stop, make a left, a right, or continue moving on.




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