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Motivational Quotes | If You Aren’t Saying a Permanent No…

Motivational Quotes | If You Aren’t Saying a Permanent No… | Note 428


Are a thousand noes worth a few precious yeses?

In the book The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life, best-selling author David Brooks said, “But if you aren’t saying a permanent no to anything, giving anything up, then you probably aren’t diving into anything fully. A life of commitment means saying a thousand noes for the sake of a few precious yeses.”
Saying yes to everything without getting good at saying no is a prescription for burnout.
If your yeses aren’t effective yeses — a yes that adds value to your life or brings you closer to your goals and desires — change your yes into a permanent no.
Are you living the life you want if you aren’t saying a thousand noes?





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