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Take responsibility and start tackling the things you should be doing.


If you find yourself procrastinating, these words are especially for you.

Life is moving on while you waste time hesitating, contemplating, delaying, and procrastinating. Whether you lack the self-discipline needed to get things done, doubt that you can, suffer from decision paralysis, or even worst, you lack motivation, the longer you wait, the more time you are wasting.
Think of it like this.
The things you should do are on the right.
The things you would like to do are on the left.
The things you do when you procrastinate are somewhere in the middle.
There are several techniques you can use to stop procrastinating. But, none of them matter until you first take responsibility and start tackling the tasks on the right — the things you should be doing.
If you want to start living a productive life and get things done, start by changing your environment. Eliminate distractions and dividing your task into small, actionable tasks. And instead of continuing to wait to do the hard stuff, work on the important stuff first thing in the AM. Work on it now. Stop procrastination and do the things you should doing right now.



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