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How To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

Mindset | How To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself | Note 481


Are you running too many “what if” scenarios in your head?

The what-ifs can cripple you. If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of what-ifs, stop running too many scenarios in your head.
You can’t predict the what-ifs, and until you actually decide, all those stories in your head are just that — stories.
You do not know what the outcome will be. And you can’t control what others think of you or how they will react.
The best way to rid yourself of the what-ifs?
1) Never mind self-doubt.
2)Use your intuition.
3)Trust yourself.
4)Accept that you will make a mistake.
You won’t know everything. It’s part of life.
Make a quick decision, learn the lessons from your choices, and move on.
That’s how to stop second-guessing yourself.





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