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Make This One Mindset Shift Now

Make This One Mindset Shift Now | Note 369


Rejection can be rough.

Friendships evolve. People change. Someone who was once your friend may have decided your friendship no longer serves them.
You thought you were the perfect candidate for that job. That job interview did not go the way you expected. The company hired someone else.
You meet the guy of your dreams. After several dates, he stopped calling. He may have found someone more compatible.
Rejection can be rough, but it will be okay.
Just because you face rejection, it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. It simply means whatever it was wasn’t meant to be, or it was time to change and move on.
No need to feel insecure.
No need to lack confidence.
No need to become frustrated.
Life goes on. Overcome the fear of rejection and figure out another way.
Make this one mindset shift now.





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