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Why I Had To Let Go of This Limiting Belief

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What’s holding you back?

Friday was a game-changing day for me. And not because I was featured in a segment on NASCAR on Fox. Friday was a great day because I identified a limiting belief that I’ve struggled with for a long time.
What if I told you I was born to shine — I was born to be a star? That may sound cocky or come across as egocentric, but it’s a fact. Just like you were born to shine, I was, too.
I’ve been hiding — not wanting to put myself out there and step into my greatness. The internet is scary, and people can be nasty. I recognized I don’t want to control what people say about me, but I try to control my likeness and image.
I hated that NASCAR on Fox reduced me to a soundbite that isn’t an accurate picture of who I am and my knowledge of NASCAR, but I realized it is what it is. I’m thankful. Not because I was on TV, but because I could identify a limiting belief. I cannot control everything, and I can’t let that stop me from stepping into my greatness.
A limiting belief is a state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you somehow. To say something like, “I know I am going to fail because I always do” or “I can’t launch a new business because I don’t have the resources” are also limiting beliefs anyone can easily replace with empowering beliefs. These kinds of limiting beliefs are triggers that support your negative self-talk.
How you feel is your decision. However, small mindset shifts, positive self-talk, including rephrasing how you look at things, and understanding that your beliefs aren’t facts, are the key to overcoming limiting beliefs.
Instead of saying, “I can’t,” say “I will.” Instead of believing you will fail, trust you will succeed. Use empowering beliefs and believe in yourself.
My pursuit to control every aspect of my image kept me from achieving my full potential, and that’s why I had to let go of this limiting belief.





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