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Law of Compensation | Mindset

Law of Compensation | Mindset | Note 308


The Law helps those who help themselves.

Who doesn’t want to be compensated, right? All this week, I am talking about the Universal Laws and Raymond Holliwell’s book Working With The Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living.
It is my hope that you will learn to use these Laws to lift yourself out of the place where you are to the place where you rightfully belong enjoying success and prosperity.
Today’s note: Law of Compensation
“When you perform your tasks to the very best of your ability, or when you are thorough in your work and do it well, you infallibly bring out the best there is in you. Otherwise expressed, you grow more capable and efficient. You become better, and thereby show your growing superiority. And the Law is that he who becomes better will attract the better and be given the greater things to do.
The principle involved is that when you become too large for your present place you will begin to draw yourself to something larger; you cannot attract the better until you first become larger. You must earn what you receive or you cannot keep it.
If an individual appears to do so, it will not continue; for, in accordance with the Law of Compensation, that person will find his true place. Or, as popularly expressed, “Like water, he will find his true level,” or “You can’t keep a good man down.” In truth, the only bar to your advancement is your own unfitness. In other words, he who more than fills his present place will, sooner or later, be advanced. Were it not for this principle, there could be no progress, no growth, no development, no evolution.”
The Law helps those who help themselves. The Law of Compensation always works that way.


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