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It’s None of Your Business | Note 047

Why are you worried about what people think?


I never worry about what other people think. That’s their business. Growing up, I was fearless.  When I reflect on why, I always come back to the one feeling that was a firm belief I had throughout my childhood, and that is who will say anything to me? I wore the clothes I wanted to wear, and I was always authentically me because I knew if someone didn’t like it, they wouldn’t have the courage to say anything to me. They would only think about it. For the most part, no one really says anything to your face. 


What people secretly think is none of my business.


They quietly judge you and think what they think. People may even gossip and say how they feel to someone else, but only a handful have the courage to say it to your face. And for anyone who felt brave enough to say anything to me about anything, I shut them down. 


How? Well, that’s a story for another post and podcast. 


Today’s Note: It’s None of Your Business


Worrying about what people think is a challenge for many. Wanting to know the who, what, where, and how about other people’s life is also a challenge for many. 


It may surprise you to learn people don’t really care about what you are doing because they are focused on their own life.


Not knowing someone’s business and not passing judgment is a tough concept for people to grasp. However, has it ever occurred to you it’s none of your business?






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