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I Am Good at Anything I Put My Mind To | Note 160

It’s time to let go of all negative beliefs.

It’s time to let go of all negative beliefs. Not because we are approaching a new year, but because it’s time for a new you.
Too much negative thinking and too much of saying I can’t, or it’s impossible, will keep you from doing anything. The thought that you can’t do something must die a quick death right now. To live the life you want, you must believe you are capable. 
Get it out of your mind right now that you can’t. Start believing right now that good things always happen to you. The one prominent thought that should be in your mind is that I CAN and I Will. In fact, start by saying I AM.

Get it out of your mind that you can’t be successful. Write these affirmations down.
I am successful.
Everything is possible. 
I will take chances.
I easily adapt to change.
I learn quickly from my mistakes.
I am capable of anything I can imagine.
I am good at anything I put my mind to.




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