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Experiences Create Ideas | Note 108

What lessons have you learned from past experiences?

“Our minds are like giant computers. Every experience that goes into your brain—both good and bad—becomes more program material and data to recall and assemble in new ways in the future.”
The quote above is from the book “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word: The Ultimate Resource on How to Write Powerful Advertising Copy” by Joseph Sugarman.

The best way to learn is from experiences.
Experiences help you see things.
Experiences help you feel things.
Experiences help you create things.
Experiences help you come up with ideas.

A lot of the actions you take today are based on lessons you learned from past experiences. When you know nothing, and can’t visualize yourself doing anything, often it’s an experience that helps you see things clearly.
Whether you learn from your own experiences or vicariously through the experiences of others, experiences create ideas.



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