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Dear Me, I Will Make You Proud

Dear Me, I Will Make You Proud | Note 395


You have the power to create change.

Today’s bite-sized motivational note is all about consciously conditioning yourself to change your self-image at a subconscious level using positive affirmations.
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down.
I am in a state of gratitude.
I am grateful.
I believe it, feel it and see whatever I desire as mine.
I have a grateful mind fixed upon the best.
I always strive to become the best.
Today is the beginning of endless possibilities for the rest of my existence.
I have the power to create change.
I release all which no longer serves me.
I free myself from what holds me back.
My potential to succeed is limitless.
I can do anything I put my mind to.
Dear me, I will make you proud.
Use these affirmations when you first wake up in the morning or when you are about to go to bed for the best results.




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