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Big Thinking is All Numbers | Note 231

Stop putting limits on yourself.

Think of math. Numbers are infinite. Numbers never stop.
What’s after 10?
What’s after 100?
What’s after 1,000?
What’s after 10,000?
What’s after 100,000?
What’s after 1,000,000?
You get the point, right? It never stops. And how you think about what’s possible shouldn’t either. Stop putting limits on yourself.
I heard Patrick Bet David say, “the difference between a small thinker and a big thinker is multiplication.” The big thinker is multiplying. The small thinker is using addition and only adding.
Thinking big is pure math. Adding is great, but to accomplish something big, think about multiplying.
Look at it as numbers. Numbers are infinite. The possibility of who you can be, what you can do, and what you can have is infinite.
Big thinking is infinite. Big thinking is all numbers.




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