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Stay positive and walk into the new year with winning mindset.

Hey. Get your mind right. It’s about to be 2022. No, but seriously, your mindset affects your motivation. Your mindset also affects your creativity, performance, behavior, learning, and, you guessed it, your success.
Your mindset is a powerful thing. And there is no better time than now to work on cultivating the best mindset possible. Stay positive and walk into the new year with some of the best motivational notes, focused on formulating a winning mindset from the Sincerely HER Podcast.

Life is Waiting on You to Show Up | Note 004

Do you know all you have to do is decide?
Life is waiting for you to show up. All you have to do is decide, let go of your ideals, be open be open to the possibility that your life can be better, and show up each day with a goal to live a richer life. Better yet, show up, and act as if your life, already is what you envisioned it to be.

You Win, or You Learn | Note 094

What’s the worst thing that can happen?
Whether you’re looking to start a business or pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming famous, don’t give up without attempting to do it.
Commit to starting.
Commit to giving it a shot.
What’s the worst thing that can happen?
It will work, or it won’t.
Either way, you win, or you learn a valuable lesson.

Just Start | Note 106

What’s holding you back from starting?
The story you are telling yourself every day is holding you back from getting started. If you start big or small and whether it’s easy or hard, all that matters is that you start.

Just start.
Even if you are starting from scratch.
Even if you failed once before.
Even if you are starting over.
Just start.
Start small.
Start today.
Start by taking one step.
Just start.

Wanting To Do It Is Not Enough | Note 109

To want to be successful is not enough.
Your success is determined by your attitude and actions. Don’t be afraid to do it. Prioritize the things you want and do it.
Believe in yourself and do it.
Visualize yourself doing it.
Take action and do it.

Doing it is all that matters. Wanting to do it is not enough.

Have the Courage to Make The Journey | Note 121

Put yourself in a position to win.
To have more than what you have, you must become more than what you are. To become more than what you are, you must put yourself in a position to win.
There is no other way.
To have more and to become more starts with a journey of self-discovery — a journey to discover your strength and build confidence.
Do you have the courage to make the journey?





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