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Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself | Note 424


Are you ready to get rid of your fears and self-doubt?

Sadhguru once said, “fear is happening because of excessive imagination, things that have not happened, you are creating.” He also said, “you cannot fight, or you cannot overcome something that does not exist.” Think about that for a moment.
If fear is something you are imagining, how is it stopping you? Understanding why and what you are afraid of is a sure way to begin to overcome your fear.
Do you have a fear of rejection? Do you fear failure?
Fear takes imagination and is rooted in what may happen. So instead of believing the worst will happen, why not expect the best will happen? Why not use your mind and imagination to build confidence instead of fear? Think about it.
You’re worried about something that may not exist. You doubt yourself before trying.
Consider what could happen if you stop doubting and believe in yourself.



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