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Be More Confident: Validate Yourself

Be More Confident: Validate Yourself | Affirmations | Note 315


Why do we seek validation?

Why do we seek validation? Here’s a better question, what will you do if you can’t get validation from others?
The answer to the last question is simple — you keep going. Why? Because life keeps moving whether someone agrees with you are not.
An even better answer to that question is you validate yourself.
Self-validation is amazing. I don’t know about you, but I learned a long time ago that life is much easy when you encourage yourself. Life is great when you worry about how you feel, stop comparing yourself to others, learn to accept who you are and the decisions you make.

Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down:

I encourage myself.
I am kind to myself.
I accept myself.
I see the best in myself.
I believe in myself.
I love myself.
I’m more confident.
I validate myself.
Have an awesome weekend. Please make sure to be self-confident and stop undermining yourself.



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