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Be More Confident: Take Risks to Succeed

Be More Confident: Take Risks to Succeed | Self-Help | Note 312


Playing it safe won’t get you far in life.


Want to Be More Self-Confident? Stop Undermining Yourself in these 7 Ways. That was the headline for an article on that stopped my endless scrolling on Twitter.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I clicked on the link, opened the article, read the title and subtitle, and said, that’s interesting. And yes, I went down the rabbit hole searching “Become More Confident” on Google. 

Struggling with confidence hasn’t really ever been my thing. I pride myself on being self-aware. I believe anything is possible. But why was I so intrigued with the title of an article? 

Blame it on my pursuit of learning. Who knows, but I will tell you this, I learned a lot. I read several articles on confident versus insecure people. I checked most of the boxes that applied to being confident, including being open-minded, willing to learn, admitting mistakes, and the ability to laugh at myself. However, I fell short of loving to spend time with people and making quick decisions.

I make most of my decisions quickly, but I’ll admit, I can be slow to take action. I’m a risk-taker but slow to move. I’m getting better every day at it because I’ve convinced myself there is no other way. My thought, be confident and play big or pack up and go home.

Confidence. Who needs it? Everyone. Risks. Who needs to? You do. 

Taking risks are necessary.

You will never know for sure if things are going to work out the way you want them. Pursuing greatness and achieving success requires you to believe in yourself enough to take chances. If you don’t choose to go for it, you won’t know what could be. 

Playing it safe won’t get you far in life. The more chances you take, the more you’ll be able to learn from your risks and overcome the fear of failure.

How to do that? Just go for it. Take risks to succeed.




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