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Be Aware of The Bullsh*t | Note 207

Do your research.


It’s hard to tell someone not to be gullible.
It’s hard to teach someone that they shouldn’t trust everyone.
Stranger danger is real.
I grew up very aware of everything.
I always looked out the window before walking out of the house.
I always surveyed the scene as far as I could see ahead, to the side, and behind me when I walked down the street.
Whenever someone told me something, I always went behind them and double-checked the facts. I always questioned everything as a kid.
Terrible two’s for most kids is their command of the word no. For me, I’m sure it was why.
I’ve never been very impressionable. And no, it’s not a trust thing. It’s a, “why should I believe you when I can find out for myself thing.” As you can imagine, I learned many hard lessons. As the old folks would say, I was hard-headed. Today, I’m thankful for all those lessons. It taught me to recognize the bullsh*t.

Today’s Note: Be Aware of The Bullsh*t

Do your research.
Do more than take someone’s word.
Do your homework.
Proceed with caution.
If you’re hiring someone to provide a service, hire reputable people with credibility and a proven (and verifiable) record. Be mindful of people’s intentions. Not everyone genuinely wants to help you.
There are many honest people in the world, and not everyone is out to get you either. But you should at all times beware of the bullsh*t.




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