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Michael Jordan

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What would Michael Jordan say?


Many consider Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time. His accolades include winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls and six NBA Finals MVP Awards, among many other accomplishments.
One of the most marketed sports figures in history, Jordan is known worldwide for his life, basketball career, and iconic Nikes Air Jordan sneakers. He’s a global icon.
Jordan is not known for giving motivational speeches, but he has provided many inspirational quotes.
Here are ten affirmations based on motivational Michael Jordan quotes to keep you motivated and inspired as we head into the weekend.
Grab a pencil and write these affirmations down.
I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.
Obstacles don’t have to stop me. I will figure out how to climb any obstacles, go through them, or work around them.
I always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.
I make it happen.
I live the moment for the moment.
Failure always makes me try harder the next time.
I have to get out there and go for it if I am going to achieve anything in life.
I play to win.
I win like Michael Jordan.
Use these affirmations when you first wake up in the morning or when you are about to go to bed for the best results. Don’t forget to add emotions to your affirmations and feel the meaning in the words as you repeat them.





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