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"Unless you are clear on what you want, what you get may not match your desires. Establish your voice and don’t let fear hold you back from going after the things you want.” — Sincerely Tam

I am Tam.

The Queen of Bite-Sized Motivation. I’m committed to helping creative entrepreneurs find clarity, get sh*t done, and win!

What People Say...

Taj Tashombe

Vice President, External Affairs, Oakland A’s

“For well over a decade, Tam has been a trusted advisor, friend, and business partner as it relates to all things branding. Through her vast experience as a cultural curator and branding maven, I have had the privilege of learning how to advance my craft and hone my skills, which has led to some incredible opportunities. It’s people like Tam that make an impact on your life and through guidance and coaching ultimately changes your trajectory, from a good version of yourself to the highest version of yourself. I’m indebted to her.”

Aaron Torres

Fox Sports Radio Host and Best Selling Author

“Tam is one of the sharpest and forward-thinking minds in brand management and consulting I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Not only do I give Tam my most ringing endorsement, but believe that anyone not working with her is doing themselves an active disservice.”

Yaniece Piper Thomas

Designer & Emmy Award Nominated Wardrobe Stylist

“Tam has helped me develop and conceive my ideas! Her branding advice is stellar. She has encouraged me and continues to be my right hand every step of the way!”

Valente Frazier

Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist

“Professional, courteous, vigilant, and extremely organized; Tam vigorously endeavors to pursue what is fair, contractually or otherwise, all the while keeping me sane. She is wholeheartedly invested in me as an artist!”

Michelle Levy

Agent, At Large Entertainment
Fmr. Executive Director at SKAM Artist

“From the first time we met, I knew that Tam was a rare find. She has a way of inspiring me to do better. Whether we are working on a project together, or when I ask for her unique perspective, Tam will always deliver in a way that far exceeds my expectations. I’m constantly blown away by her powerful ideas and her knowledge of how to execute them. She’s been so much to me — Mentor, Consultant, Colleague, Leader, MVP... You just don’t meet people like Tam often. I’m lucky that I did- and that I could recognize her amazing qualities.``

I’ve been exactly where you are.

For more than a decade, I lived a double life as a closet entrepreneur moonlighting as a corporate citizen. I got caught between proving to myself I could climb the corporate ladder while pursuing my passion, working with talent. One day, sitting at my desk at my corporate job, waiting for quitting time, I stood up and said, “F*ck that!”. I was tired of procrastinating, I was over sitting in a cold office, I didn’t want to be at work when it got dark, and I knew I was wasting my potential every moment I engaged in the 9 to 5 life. I mastered the corporate business, but it was time for me to master my creative business full time.


Ogilvy, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Playboy Entertainment, and DIRECTV, are some of the corporations that got my time as a 9 to 5er. As an entrepreneur, I negotiated deals with well-known brands and celebrities, but in the corporate world, I was nothing more than a helping hand. Deep down, I knew I was more. I started writing notes to remind myself that it was okay, I could, I can, and I AM! I became the Queen of “Bite-Sized Motivation.”


I didn’t always know what I was doing in my early years of entrepreneurship. Once I found the courage to stop using my talent to build someone else’s business, I got clear on what I wanted, and my business to date has generated seven figures in gross revenue.


My journey to find clarity, get sh*t done, and win is far from conventional, but it helped me develop the mindset needed to live life on my terms. Some of the things I’ve accomplished include:


Managing artists and talent for fifteen years while working a full-time corporate job.

Negotiating 600+ talent deals with Disney, NBC, and Viacom – to name a few.

Being recruited by one of the most recognizable brands in the world as a Social Media Producer.

I conceived, built, and managed a revenue-generating lifestyle website

I’ve traveled the United States on media trips creating branded content for world-renowned brands

Falling in love with NASCAR, becoming a motorsports journalist, and producing a podcast for racing fans


I wanted to see the world, so I visited 40+ exotic countries just because


These experiences prepared me for the next chapter of my life, which includes helping you change yours. The best decision you will make is to take action now instead of waiting for the perfect moment.

My life as a corporate citizen:

Companies I created as an entrepreneur:

Sincerely HER Podcast

This isn’t an ordinary podcast. The Sincerely HER podcast features daily bite-sized motivational notes and exclusive interviews that will inspire you to take action and achieve success.

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Don't Let Fear Win.  Stay Motivated.

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